CarShifu Founder and CEO Paul Chew Wee Sin Welcome to CarShifu Capital Berhad, where we embarked on our industry-leading journey since October 31, 2019. As one of the founders and the CEO, I, Paul Chew Wee Sin, together with my team, am dedicated to providing the most advanced automotive service solutions in Malaysia. Our goal has always been to create unparalleled value for our customers by offering high-quality car maintenance and repair services. The establishment of CarShifu Capital Berhad on December 16, 2021, marked a further expansion of our service capabilities.
CarShifu COO Chen Li Chao Our team is composed of industry experts, including our COO, Chen Li Chao, a seasoned technician with years of experience in car maintenance. Our expertise and passion for car care enable us to deliver the best services to our clients. We serve renowned companies including SOCAR, DHL, POSLAJU, CAB, FLUX, and PRAC. Additionally, we collaborate with Malaysia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers CAM and CAF, providing maintenance and repair services to their customers.
Importantly, CarShifu is the only company in Malaysia that offers on-site maintenance services for commercial electric vehicles. We currently provide maintenance services for the electric vehicles of Poslaju and DHL, and we are set to extend these services to J&T. At CarShifu, we are committed not just to serving but to creating value. We believe that through continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence, we can offer our customers a service experience that exceeds expectations.

Comprehensive Onsite Maintenance and Repairs

Tire wind pressure detection
Engine air intake filter detection
Engine Coolant Check
Car battery testing
Brake oil detection
Engine Coolant Replacement
Engine oil Replacement
Engine spark plug checking
Transmission oil Replacement
Timing belt Replacement
Brake system detaction
Tire pattern detection
Air cond cabin fiter detection
Spark plug replacement
Engine oil leak detection
Car windshield mirrorĀ replacement
At CarShifu, we go beyond just changing engine oil - we provide a comprehensive range of onsite maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Our dedicated team of technicians is equipped with the expertise and advanced diagnostic tools to perform thorough inspections and address any issues that may arise. Our commitment to your vehicle's performance and your safety is reflected in our detailed and meticulous approach to maintenance. When you choose CarShifu, you can expect the following comprehensive services: Multi-point Inspection: Thorough examination of key components, including brakes, suspension, steering, and exhaust system. Diagnostic tests to identify potential issues in the engine, transmission, and electrical systems. Evaluation of fluid levels, including coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Assessment of belts, hoses, and filters for wear and tear. Preventive Maintenance: Timely replacement of worn-out components to prevent potential breakdowns. Lubrication of critical parts to enhance performance and longevity. Calibration of key systems for optimal efficiency. Tire rotation, balancing, and alignment for even wear and improved handling. Troubleshooting and Repairs: Thorough diagnosis of complex issues using advanced diagnostic tools. Skilled repairs and replacements for components such as brakes, suspension, and electrical systems. Engine repairs and adjustments to restore performance and fuel efficiency. Exhaust system repairs to ensure proper emission control. Battery and Charging System Analysis: Comprehensive battery testing to assess health and performance. Charging system analysis to identify potential charging issues. Battery replacement and installation if needed. When it comes to maintaining and caring for your vehicle, trust CarShifu for a comprehensive approach that goes beyond surface-level services. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect, diagnose, and address any maintenance or repair needs, ensuring your vehicle remains reliable, efficient, and safe on the road.